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Places and Sightseeings
  Glaciar Perito Moreno: is only 1 hour of El Calafate, is entered by the forest Andino-Patagónico (cinnamon, ñires, sour cherries, lengas, - and mainly notros color red, typical flower of the Andino-patagónico forest and some Calafates of yellow flower and mulberry fruit) that it frames to the Glaciar Perito Moreno arriving at the footbridges or to the wharf to enjoy a stroll in boat approach that us the walls of the Monumental Glacier, where they can count on a guided visit to introduce them to the subjects related to the formation of a glacier, his movement and characteristics.

Minitreking: Embarking in the Bajo las Sombras Port and crossing the Rico Lake and previous a small walk by the forest; begins the trekking on the surface of the Glaciar Perito Moreno by approximately 1 hour and a half, allowing a unique contact with the glaciario ice, its tips and small lagoons that form. It continues the long walk until the refuge where it is had time to have lunch. Finally, from return to the port they will leave, them by one hour in the footbridges in front of the glacier (located to 8 km of this port) so that they cross.
  A unos 45 Km. de El Calafate se encuentra el Puerto Punta Bandera, allí se embarcarán y navegarán por el brazo Norte del Lago Argentino, el canal de los témpanos. Se aproximarán al Glaciar Upsala (3 veces mayor en tamaño al Moreno) y al Spegazzini el mas alto. Luego irán a la Bahía Onelli y tras una corta caminata alcanzarán un punto panorámico en el Lago Onelli donde verán otros glaciares: Onelli, Agassiz y Bolado. Regresando nuevamente a El Calafate.

Argentinian Lake - El Calafate: To few meters of our Hostería to borders of the Argentine lake is the Municipal Reserch of Birds Lagoon Childhood can there be realised birdwatching of around 80 species of birds (pink flamenco, cauquenes, macaes, swans of black neck, bandurrias, gallaretas, loicas, teros and ducks among others)


  4 x 4: One promotes 850 meters on the level of the sea by the face this of the Huyliche cord, until the balcony with a panoramic view of the town. Crossing totally virgin places the Argentinian Lake is observed from diferentes terraces, and after to happen through " The Labyrinth of Stones" , it is arrived at the highest terrace (more than 1000 meters of height), from where the Perito Moreno Glacier is observed, Pietrobeli Hill, the Towers of Paine, the Baguales Cord and the Hills Fitz Roy and Torre among others descending by the North face of the cord. Diverse schedules and routes exist.

There exist diverse tours and walks along the zone of the Redonda Bay , bordering on the coast of the Argentine Lake up to the of the Walichu Caves and special horse riding  of long duration up to the Roca Lake, all of them accompanied by a local guide.



Farms: Cristina, Nibepo Aike and El Galpón del Glaciar are typical patagónics farms (with dinner or lunch including, folkloric show, cowbell of ewes, Ridding horse back and can count on a guided visit to introduce them to the subjects related to the work in this farms).



Chalten: One less than is 300 Km. from El Calafate, will be able to visit  the beautiful waterfall “Salto del Chorrillo”; to make trekking in the footpaths of mountain of the Fitz Roy and Capri Lagoon; to visit Viedma Lake and its glaciar or visit “El Lago del Desierto”.


  Torres del Paine Nacional Park: One of the most beautifull lanscapes of Chilean Patagonian, declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO, located to 90 Km. of the border. . They will be able to contemplate to panoramic points of The Torres Hill and the Cuernos, like the viewpoints on Sarmiento Lake, Nordenskjold Lake, and Salto Grande.